Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Busy Times at ERB

 We've had a really busy time at school!

We've been preparing for our French speeches by practicing how we use transition words to talk about our weekends! We had so much fun practicing how we go from one idea to the next.




We also had fun today exploring our emotions and how we manage them. Each grade 3 classroom had a different emotion (happy, sad, angry...) and we talked about what we do when we feel that emotion! We rotated from room to room talking with the other grade 3s! In our room kids danced it out to Pharrell Williams' "Happy" before talking about what we do when we feel happy or excited.

We even had a scavenger hunt to use what we've learned about directions, maps, and continents. We used our knowledge of directions to follow clues hidden around the school and answered questions hidden under the clues!






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